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* Chauffeured to your terminal only minutes away

* Your car delivered to the terminal on return

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Postcodes for Sat Nav:

Gatwick South Terminal - RH6 0RN
Gatwick North Terminal - RH6 0PJ
Tudor Rose Car Park - RH6 0HQ



Safe, Secure and Always Under Watchful Eyes

Established 21 years ago.

Full 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

Park Mark. 

Gated and fully fenced.

Fully Licensed Car Park!

Know where your car is parked!

See us on Google Earth (RH6 0HQ)

Prompt, reliable and polite!

Operated by Tudor Rose (UK) Ltd.

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Gatwick Parking TRUSTED REVIEWS:
Our Customer experiences are very important to us and here is some of the feedback we have received recently.

I have used many meet and greet companies at Gatwick and always had a problem one way or the other. Delays, rudeness or extra mileage were all encountered. Last year I used Tudor Rose park and ride for the first time and have used it 4 times since. Never had a problem and the price suits my pocket....

Barry Hussey

Just a quick email to say how pleased we were with your service and how courteous your drivers were. Will use you again and tell others.

Gary Slater 

I just thought I'd drop you a note to say thank you for all the service you have provided me over the years. I have always meant to write in but never got the time. I've been using your park and ride service for many years and will continue to do so. Picking up your driver at the car park means that I have no waiting at the airport. The delivery is always prompt on return.

Gary Molden

Just a quick thank you to you and your staff for processing without fuss, and with exemplary speed, my premature return to Gatwick (4 days early). Much appreciated!

Maurice Kenwrick-Piercy 

As a regular user of Tudor Rose parking and having stayed at Hookwood Lodge a number of times I wanted to let you know why I am a satisfied and regular customer.
Firstly and most importantly your service is reliable - if i travel for work as a lone female traveller I want to know that my car will be delivered back to me quicly and you always do this.
Secondly staying at Hookwood Lodge the night before is great - quiet, close to a great pub and the perfect way to start the holiday.
Finally you are competitively priced and I am very happy to recommend you to my colleagues and friends. Keep up the good work and I look forward to use you again.

Susie Prior 

I write to express my thanks for the service and professionalism we recently experienced whilst using your car park at Gatwick. We would certainly use you car park again and would recommend it without question.

John Croxford 



There are many park and ride operations at Gatwick, some closer to the terminals than others. The fact remains that you have to park your car and transfer your party and luggage onto a bus. No matter how short this bus ride is (on airport) the transition from car to check-in will still be from 30 to 60 minutes or longer and the same on your return. You only have to experience walking your family and luggage along a lonely car park, looking for your vehicle in the dark and howling with wind and rain, to know that it is not the greatest of necessities. The last bus always seems to disappear round the corner and you have to wait for the next! On-airport car parks (park and ride) do not offer any insurance. Therefore, if you arrive back from holiday and find your car damaged by others there is no point of claim unless the wilful person has left a name and contact.

Park and Ride is also available at off airport locations. Transfer times depend on how far the carparks are from the Gatwick Terminals and how frequent the buses run.You leave your key with the operator and they park your car for you. Transfers times vary between 30 and 60 minutes.


OK, so what do we have to offer that’s different for Gatwick Parking to the above?

Well, for a start we have been in this airport parking business since 1992 and before that for 20 years in the travel business. In that time we have identified the need for a more efficient parking service at Gatwick.

Our service at Tudor Rose Airport Parking has been designed to take the best of meet and greet and combine it with the best of park and ride at Gatwick Airport.

Just drive to our car park located within minutes of North Terminal and South Terminal at Gatwick. You will see where your car will be stored and more importantly, see first hand our security measures in place. You will then be transferred to the terminal of your choice in one of our courtesy vehicles. A personal service with no waiting for buses and other passengers or have traffic wardens to hassle you. On your return we collect you on demand and return you and your party direct to your vehicle. You will also have the option of having your vehicle returned to you at the terminal if you choose. Our Controller will give you the option when you are ready and you phone in. In every case he will ensure your vehicle is ready to go.


Meet and Greet parking at British Airports is increasing in popularity and is by far the easiest way of parking your car at an Airport. Your vehicle is collected at the airport terminal making it a short walk to check-in. On your return your car is delivered to you as you walk out of the terminal. Started, warmed up, defrosted and ready to take you home. However, rogue traders are also on the increase as they see an easy way of taking your money and not living up to the promises they make on their web sites. Web sites are easy to build and just add a PPC (pay per click) campaign and hey presto – they’re in business. Beware, your car could end up in all variety of different places and as you are unaware of its location, your own insurance may be invalid. These rogue traders cannot afford local places to the airport terminals and while they say your car is stored ‘in a nearby compound,’ it is in fact driven miles away and left on open ground. Let this not blind you to good virtue. There are many good meet and greet companies that work hard to provide a better service.

Tudor Rose first introduced meet and greet parking at Gatwick in the early nineties and became very popular with our Customers. With the advent of the internet and search engines however, the last five years has seen many companies/individuals jump on the bandwagon with the single intention of making a fast buck for very little investment. This has rather soiled the reputation of the airport meet and greet parking industry to many new potential Customers where a number of so called companies have been exposed by media and TV coverage.

    Good meet and greet parking companies;

  • Will publish the location of their car park.
  • Publish a company address, number and VAT number.
  • Will publish a landline contact number.
  • Staff will be uniformed with ID.
  • Office landline contact during office hours.
  • Change or cancel a booking easily.

The Tudor Rose (UK) Ltds’ Haven Policy comprehensively covers all damage where damage is sustained while your vehicle is in our possession. This specifically excludes damage caused by an Act of God or an event beyond the control of Tudor Rose. In this context it is imperative that your own insurance is valid during the period of parking.


Tudor Rose unique park and ride is ideal for your holiday parking needs at Gatwick. Whether you are taking all the family skiing or going on an adventure holiday in the Pyrenees, we can help getting the family, luggage and equipment quickly to the airport and the check-in desk.

Waiting and transferring to buses or coaches is not the ideal and Tudor Rose has come up with the ideal solution to avoid the hassle of the usual park and ride operations at Gatwick Airport.


All this sounds expensive! Compare our prices for parking at Gatwick Airport with the cheap off-airport park and ride options. You will be surprised to find that our prices are comparable if not cheaper than these. A budget price for a unique parking service.

Constant Improvement

Established in 1992 we have invested a considerable amount of time and money in establishing secure freehold sites close to the airport terminals. Equally, investment into creating our company brand and operation is ongoing including staff uniforms & ID’s, company vehicle livery and easily recognisable company logo. Our strong presence and high visibility at Gatwick Airport is well established.

All this investment has enabled us to offer our Customers, prices that are affordable in return for a quality product. Don’t be put off by our cheap prices compared to our competitors. We may compromise on price but we do not compromise on service!

While you are away you can relax in the knowledge that your car is parked in our safe, secure car park just minutes from the airport.

Passengers with Disabilities or Special Needs

Just telephone our office when making your booking. Our office is on hand to help you with any problem you may have.

Log on to www.flying-with-disability.org and you will find more information about flying with disabilities. Look at the services offered by different airlines and check whether the cost of any special assistance is included in the price of your ticket.

Very often long walking distances are necessary at airports particularly between check-in and boarding. Arranging your special assistance prior to arriving at the airport will ensure a hassle free transition.

Travel-Care is an independent agency offering assistance to anyone at London Gatwick Airport who has a problem. Travel-Care can be found in The Village, South Terminal.

Open from 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday and 09:00 - 16:00 Saturday and Sunday. Telephone: +44 (0)1293 504283.

Contacting Gatwick Airport Information

General Information including flight information: (0)844 892 0322

Visit www.gatwickairport .com for all information regarding flight info, baggage restrictions, customs, passports, check-in, shopping, eating, lounges, showers, baby changing, porters, currency exchange, airport maps and much more. Just scroll down to the foot of the page and look at the site map. You will find most of your requirements listed.

Most of all – have an enjoyable holiday – and relax.